Monday, 25 March 2013

Al Cameron Patio Furniture

Patio furniture continues to change and evolve. There are more choices than ever before ... from traditional wickers to durable plastics that do not look at all like plastic.

Depending on the size and usage of your patio, you may want furniture that is light and can be easily moved, or you may choose substantial pieces that stay in place year round.

Consider furniture that is specifically designed for outdoor living:

  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Outdoor Rocking Chairs
  • Outdoor Gliders
  • Hanging Chairs & Swings
  • Benches
  • Picnic Tables
  • Hammocks

Gone are the days when you had to run outdoors and move all the cushions and fabric pieces to safety whenever it rained. Today there are amazing fabrics that are water repellent and quick to dry. They have been developed so that they remain durable, bright and colorful despite rain or blasting sun.

Al Cameron Patio Ideas

If you think of your patio as an extension of your home, instead of a separate space, you will approach patio design with a different mindset.

A comfortable outdoor patio can be used throughout the day and night for a variety of activities.  

You may start your day with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. You may want to curl up in a spot of sun to nap or  read your favorite novel. 

You may want to create a mini kitchen garden with an array of herbs, tomatoes and flowers. The choices here are endless, from huge variety of pots and planters, to hanging baskets or even a planting "wall." 

Retractable awnings can be used to control sun and shade areas. They can also be used as privacy  barriers especially on condo or apartment decks and patios.

While the colors you choose within your home may be subdued and subtle, you can experiment and have fun with your outdoor space.  Try adding bright colors such as oranges and tangerines as well as yellow of all hues. Experiment with texture and especially with light. 

Your night time color scheme could include patio lights in various yellows and whites or a blast of your favorite blue.

Al Cameron Patio Lighting

During the day, patio lighting becomes the balance between sunlight and shade. as the sun makes it way across the sky, the balance of light and shade change considerably.

Considerations in designing for light and shade should include the time of day you and your family are most likely to be on the patio. AND the types of activity that you envision for patio living.

During the early evening and into the night, your lighting choices will affect how and how much your outdoor space is used.  Are you going for spectacular? bright? subtle? Do you want to be able to read and enjoy your hobbies?  Will you be creating family dinners or entertaining guests for dinners?  Or will you use your patio for later evening entertainment.

Lighting considerations not only include the amount and intensity of lighting but the color of the lights.

Lighting can often be an area where you can easily change the effects and mood of your outdoor spaces.