Monday, 25 March 2013

Al Cameron Patio Lighting

During the day, patio lighting becomes the balance between sunlight and shade. as the sun makes it way across the sky, the balance of light and shade change considerably.

Considerations in designing for light and shade should include the time of day you and your family are most likely to be on the patio. AND the types of activity that you envision for patio living.

During the early evening and into the night, your lighting choices will affect how and how much your outdoor space is used.  Are you going for spectacular? bright? subtle? Do you want to be able to read and enjoy your hobbies?  Will you be creating family dinners or entertaining guests for dinners?  Or will you use your patio for later evening entertainment.

Lighting considerations not only include the amount and intensity of lighting but the color of the lights.

Lighting can often be an area where you can easily change the effects and mood of your outdoor spaces.

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